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Waterbed Mattresses

Although waterbeds were first conceived in the late 1800s the modern bed that we're familiar with was developed in 1968. Waterbeds were initially popular for their ability to be heated (which was popular in colder climates) and for their ability to relieve pressure from the spine as the water in the bed conformed to the shape of the person using it. However, this same "free flow" design that relieves spinal pressure also results in waves being created each time weight is shifted on the bed. These waves can be distracting and can interrupt sleep. Waterbeds are difficult to move and are also prone to leaks, but last longer than most coil mattresses and are dust mite free.

Air Chamber Mattresses

Air mattresses come in a variety of designs and levels of quality. However, the driving principle of an air mattress is (as the name implies) that you inflate the mattress with an air pump to a level you find comfortable. Whether you're using a simple, single chamber mattress or a more advanced multi-chambered bed, you're able to control how firm the bed is by how much air you pump into the bed. The air in air mattresses behaves much in the same was as the water in waterbeds. The air in the mattress conforms to the shape of the body and helps to reduce the amount of pressure put on the spine. While air mattresses have a typical lifespan of 10+ years, there are more parts that can wear out and caues the mattress to loose its ability to provide adequate support and comfort.

our old bed. If you're embarrassed by the condition of an old, worn out mattress, you can use an old bed sheet as an inexpensive solution.  Simply cover the old mattress with the old bed sheet, send it off and enjoy your new bed!

Determine what new accessories you'll need for your new bed. To further improve the support you get while you sleep you may also want to consider a new pillow. Like mattresses, pillows are also made in a variety of materials. Besides traditional feather and down, pillows now also incorporate combinations of latex rubber, memory foam, air chambers, Intelli-gel and more. Finding a pillow to compliment the comfort your new bed provides will help turn your night's sleep from good to great. Also, depending on the size mattress you purchased you purchased you may need new bedding. While a mattress's size is fairly standard in terms of its length and width, there are a variety of mattress depths being used to incorporate some of the new materials we've discussed. By sure to check the depth of your new bed to determine whether you'll need deep pocket sheets or larger blankets.